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10 Responses to Thank you for subscribing – download free e-book and MP3

  1. Ian Robert de Gruchy says:

    I so want to give up smoking

  2. Roberto says:

    Hi, I-m sorry but I´ve just subscribed to your ite for the e-book and MP3, and I can´t have access to the download. It only shows me an ERROR MESSAGE. Is it possible for you to send them by e-mail. I do really need help for quitting. Thanks in advance.

  3. ejim patrick says:

    Please i’m looking foward to being a changed person. Please help me quit.

  4. Rob says:

    I’m sure you will benefit from the MP3 and e-book, ejim. Feel free to send me an email any time.

  5. Hether Androus says:

    I have tried to quit so many times patches and all. I know I should be going into this thinking I know I can do this. But I can only to an ” I think I can and hope”.everyone one else says I can but how do they know?

  6. Hether Androus says:

    And it won’t let me open eBook on my phone says it can’t

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