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The Link Between Ectopic Pregnancy and Smoking

According to the NHS Choices website, Women who smoke are twice as likely to develop an ectopic pregnancy in comparison to those who are non-smokers. An ectopic pregnancy can be described as an ‘Out-of-Place Pregnancy.’ A serious cause for concern … Continue reading

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Why Most ‘Quit Smoking’ Methods Fail

The ability to quit smoking is more than merely removing the substance from your everyday lifestyle. Many of us will attempt to quit only to fall off the wagon in a burning poof of ash. Regardless of how hard we … Continue reading

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7 Effects of Light Smoking

“Oh no, I don’t smoke! I only smoke socially!” How many times have you heard these sentences uttered or have you actually spoken them yourself? If you’ve been finding yourself having just a few cigarettes per day, these potential effects … Continue reading

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Smoking And The Effects It Has On Your Teeth

Smoking can have many side effects for your mouth, some of which are listed below: Discoloured teeth Bad breath Openings of the salivary gland becoming inflamed Greater risk of gum disease Build-up of tartar and plaque Greater risk or oral … Continue reading

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Improve Health by Quitting Cigarettes

There are many reasons to quit cigarettes, not the least of which is improving your health. The facts are in, smoking can cause serious damage to your health and even lead to cancer (tar contained in cigarettes is carcinogenic), so … Continue reading

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How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is a habit that permeates every aspect of life; from nights out to breaks at work, it is easy to become reliant on cigarettes as a crutch. Now you want to break that habit and improve your health and … Continue reading

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“Stop Smoking – The Essential Guide” review

This is a review of a fantastic little book on quitting smoking called “Stop Smoking – The Essential Guide” by Simon Daubney. Simon had a habit of smoking more than 30 cigarettes a day (as I did), and as you … Continue reading

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Quit Smoking Cigarettes with Affirmations

We have written many times on this site about using the subconscious mind when quitting smoking with self-hypnosis and meditation. But there is also much you can do to with affirmations to quit smoking. I could simplistically describe affirmations as … Continue reading

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Existence, thinking and stopping smoking

There are many people who tell you rules about how to give up cigarettes. Here are mine: Don’t believe anything anyone has told you about this subject. Relax. Don’t worry. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world. All … Continue reading

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