Free help for smokers wanting to give up

I always get a bit frustrated this time of year. I know there are a lot of people out there trying to give up smoking the hard way and yet only a tiny proportion end up on this site. Click here for a tried and tested method of giving up cigarettes for good that won’t cost you anything.


Half the battle when with a new challenge, whether it be learning a new computer program, learning to swim, or giving up tobacco is the knowledge – or conviction – that it is possible.

There comes a time, for all of us, when we went from thinking:

I can’t do that!
I’m not that good.
That’s too difficult for me!
The time and effort for me to do that would be too much to justify the outcome.

To thinking:

I can do that!
It is possible!
It’s easy!

It’s like crossing the river above. Difficult to imagine when you’re a child, but so easy when you’re an adult.

Believe me, it is that easy. Give it a go!

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