Giving up smoking needn’t be difficult

smell the clean mountain was created from a desire to take the negativity away from giving up smoking.

Obviously there is a negativity involved with smoking itself. Those of us that have or do smoke know about the daily sense of guilt, low self esteem and hard physical pain associated with the cigarette habit. Not too mention the numerous, well-documented side-effects that smoking produces on yourself and others.

But there is also a negativity – a heaviness – associated with the act of giving up. Ask anybody, smoker or not, if giving up cigarettes is easy and the response you’ll get is: “It’s incredibly difficult.” Why?

And there’s the familiar urban myth:

“Giving up smoking is harder than giving up heroin.”

Phew! How did they work that one out?

Well, I never had to give up heroin, I’m pleased to say, but giving up smoking, for me, was …. EASY!

As cynical as it may sound there are many large multi-national companies that would benefit greatly if this were true and would lose considerably if it weren’t.

“For every cigarette there’s a nicorette”

is Pfizers’ advertising line. I bet they wish it were true… they’d be making even more of a fortune if that were the case!

But, evidence for nicoteen replacement therapy (patches, gum, sprays) is severely limited.

I know that my method is cheap and it works.

Try it – you’ve spent enough already!

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12 Responses to Giving up smoking needn’t be difficult

  1. Addiction says:

    Here’s a website you may find useful. is a site for friends, families, and those who suffer from various addictions.

  2. I stopped 15 years ago, no substitute, no patches. I read a magazine article which told me all I would suffer is mild discomfort for up to 14 days and after that I would be free forever. I believed it and it worked.

  3. Rob says:

    Good comment, Andy. With this website I’m trying to communicate how a simple and easy suggestion can quickly and painlessly end a damaging habit. It’s what happened to you and happened to me. I remember thinking that if I could get through one day without cigarettes or anything else I could get through the rest of my life … that was five years ago!

  4. lisa says:

    hi i was just wondering if there is anything i can do to stop my partner being so miserable? he is driving me mad and i think i am going to leave him! can someone please help me

  5. Varisha says:

    there is a negativity involved with smoking itself. low self esteem and hard physical pain associated with the cigarette habit.there is also a negativity a heaviness is associated with the act of giving i think so we have to stop this smoking so i would like to say thanks to u to give this nice and great information.

  6. Rob says:

    You’re absolutely right, Mr Blackjack, there is a negativity associated with giving up smoking almost so that people who are giving up are beaten before they start. It’s amazing to me as I found it all very easy. So if anyone is reading this. Please don’t believe the negativity – giving up cigarettes isn’t difficult!!!

  7. erik says:

    Stop smoking can really difficult if you try too hard, but once you can quit it have good benefit for health.

  8. sts says:

    i quit smoking in one day, it’s not hard

  9. Anton says:

    It’s always pleasure to read your articles, will back here soon

  10. Bennie Amsley says:

    Great post,Send you my picture. I like this blog for one simple reason.It focuses people’s attention on the simple yet proven method of smoking cessation naturally. That’s right – no substitutes whatsoever, just real natural, yet radical change – FAST!Great work!!!

  11. My spouse and i clearly need to think more in that way and find out things i can do regarding it.

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