How to give up smoking weed

Marijuana (also spelt marajuana) is illegal in some countries and this article or site does not condone nor condemn those that choose to use it. This site does, however, attempt to deliver people from a cycle of nicotine dependency. We can not ignore the fact that recreational smoking of marijuana (mixed with cigarette tobacco) has caused nicotine addiction.

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Marijuana refers to the cannabis plant intended for use for medicinal or recreational purposes

Stop smoking weed

There is a course that will help you to reduce and eliminate marijuana cravings and give you back the passion and drive in your life that you lost when pot took over.

This program is designed to make the quitting process as SIMPLE and PAINLESS as possible. You can train your subconscious to overcome your marijuana addiction – you CAN beat the cravings and turn your life around. I know this is possible because it’s happened to me!

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Quit grass first before you stop smoking cigarettes

The UN has estimated that 4% of the world’s adult population (162 million people) use marijuana annually, and about 0.6% (22.5 million) use it daily. However weed, grass, pot, blunt, joints, cannabis, reefer, bong hit, skunk, hash, resin, leb, etc., whatever it is called, is not very addictive. Neither is it as harmful as cigarettes to smoke.

But our natural way to give up smoking needs to be entered into with a clear head. This is why you have to stop smoking marijuana for a few days in order to be cured.

This will be easy for most people. Only a few people smoke cannabis habitually all day everyday. However, there are many reefer smokers who smoke often and would like to curtail it’s use. We have a solution for these people.

If people do seem addicted to marijuana, it may be because they are addicted to the substance they are smoking it with. We need to separate these two substances in the mind before we can commence with treatment.

That is why it is very important for smokers to finish, give to others or throw away any weed or hash that they have on their possession or in their abode. Even hardened pot smokers should find this relatively easy to do.

THC Cannabis

The psychoactive chemical in cannabis is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC

Is Marijuana addictive?

There is evidence to suggest that is not physiologically but psychologically addictive and that regular use can cause dependence in 10% of cases. It is reasonable to assume that a great majority of cannabis users are not addicted to the active ingredient although many may feel trapped and isolated by it’s continual use.

Many pot smokers will go through extended periods free of dope when it is, for what ever reason, in short supply. You can always buy cigarettes or alcohol, however, even in this day and age, occasionally the weed can be “sold out” in some areas.

During these periods, recreational users are quite happily abstinent and for this reason, we believe, most users can be taught to relieve themselves of both a marijuana and a cigarette habit relatively easily.

Stop smoking weed for just two weeks

Those wishing to engage in our program need to give up weed first. They can drink alcohol, they can smoke cigarettes but they won’t be able to do cannabis as complete concentration is required.

So, if you wish to give up smoking, why don’t you try our method? All you have to do is enter your email in the form below and your treatment will start tomorrow.

We promise not to give your email address to any third party or send you spam. You can easily unsubscribe at any time and you will never hear from us ever again!

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2 Responses to How to give up smoking weed

  1. It’s all in the head, first you do have to want to stop smoking pot or weed. Also it’s much better to quit smoking in the first place as well because the nicotine/tar is the most harmful of it all. When I gave up pot smoking I ate more but not that much either. It’s worth it for a 100% to get your body and mind clean and start to appreciate things in life which you don’t see on pot. Take care and the best of luck for those trying, you will succeed!

  2. Rob says:

    Hello Terry, I agree it’s best to separate the smoking cigarettes and smoking weed to tackle them individually. I actually did it the other way round. Thank you so much for your comment, Terry, and thanks everyone for all the encouragement that I’ve received on this subject. Don’t forget to check out our sister site

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