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“Stop Smoking – The Essential Guide” review

This is a review of a fantastic little book on quitting smoking called “Stop Smoking – The Essential Guide” by Simon Daubney. Simon had a habit of smoking more than 30 cigarettes a day (as I did), and as you … Continue reading

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Quit Smoking Cigarettes Through Definiteness of Purpose

There is a problem for those people who wish to quit smoking cigarettes. The problem stems from the addiction – and it is a problem of desire and definiteness of purpose. The problem is this, we are told again and … Continue reading

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Self Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

There is no right or wrong way to do self hypnosis to stop smoking. However, it works. I know because I did it. Smoking, as you are no doubt aware, is a terrible habit and addiction and the reason it … Continue reading

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Quitting Cigarettes – Help and Advice

You want to quit cigarettes? What do you do? Whose advice do you take? What should you do? I remember all these things running through my head when I decided to give up and the multitude of sites, books and … Continue reading

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Self hypnosis for stopping smoking

You are twice as likely to quit cigarettes by hypnosis than you are to stop smoking with any nicotine product such as patches and gum. Hypnosis is a trance-like state that resembles sleep. This can be brought about by many … Continue reading

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The Easy Way to Give Up Smoking

So you want to quit cigarettes? Some people who want to stop smoking will rush down the drug store to buy patches and gum that the major pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars marketing. Well, wait! What if they … Continue reading

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More on Meditation to Stop Smoking

Much of the hearsay evidence about smoking cessation is contradictory. How many people have you heard say “giving up smoking was the hardest thing I ever did”. On the other hand I’ve heard some say, “one day I just gave … Continue reading

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Stop smoking easily with breathing and meditation

This really is an awesome method for giving up smoking. It will leave you at peace, serene and totally re-energised. This is the method that the multi-nationals don’t want you to use because it won’t make them any money. Give … Continue reading

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