Here is genuine feedback from people who have tried my method.

Gretchen from Scottsdale, Arizona

I am writing to thank you for your ideas on breathing exercises and meditation that have helped me to give up smoking. I had tried everything from patches to gum and you showed me the way was inside me.

Paula from Denver, Colorado

I’d just like to say thank you so much for taking the time to care enough to share your wonderful advice. I have been smoke free for 2 weeks now and I have a huge smile on my face.

Annie from Houston, Texas

I had accomplished all my dreams and goals in my life except for giving up smoking. I had been looking for something like this was eager to start as soon as I read your technique. Three weeks later and I have smoked my last cigarette. Now, I am working towards being a personal life coach and public speaker and living the life of my dreams. Happy thoughts of love, peace and light!

Padraig from Cork, Ireland

I have to write as I haven’t seen my wife so happy in so many years. We both never believed I would stop smoking but I did thanks to your words. Thank you.

Hussain from Bolton, Lancashire, UK

The truth as you have stated is that a person can stop smoking overnight without any withdrawals, cravings or episodes of madness.

I stumbled across your website as I was looking for free advice on giving up smoking. I read what you had to say and wanted to believe it but couldn’t believe that I could give up without any withdrawal symptoms. However, I tried the breathing exercises a few times.

Once I decided to quit, I smoked my last fag, threw away the empty packet and told myself that I wouldn’t smoke for the rest of the day. That “rest of the day” is now 2 months! 2 months without any craving for a cigarette – amazing! I have amazed myself.

I feel like I’ve never smoked in my life. I appreciate the no nonsense, no pressure approach. People are saying I am looking well at the moment and that I am looking like he has lost weight not gained it! He also told me that, after playing with his kids, they were exhausted not him!

Joie Connelly, CIT, CHT from New York

How very, very interesting and effective your beautifully rolled out approach is. I’ve been a yoga practitioner and instructor for forty years and a hypnotist for over ten.

So, with this background I can testify to how very effective the breathing technique is to set oneself up for an easy way to eliminate outgrown, unwanted patterns of behaviour and replace them with the feelings and inspiration of having a clean, pure, healthy body.

In addition, this is exactly the way I eliminated a fifteen year cigarette habit thirty years ago, and even through the dissolution of my marriage, a very stressful time indeed, I didn’t need to regress to an unhealthy habit. I’m so glad you were able to synthesize the process so precisely.