Using meditation to give up smoking

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I don’t know what you’d call the meditation that I practice but it may be similar to Buddhist “insight meditation,” which focuses on whatever is there, like breathing or body sensations. It doesn’t involve “om,” other mantras, or chanting.

The goal is to pay attention to sensory experience, rather than to your thoughts about it.

I just sit on a chair and try to concentrate on my breathing.

It’s not a perfect world and sometimes you hear a noise. If you suddenly hear a noise, you just listen to it rather than thinking about it. If your back hurts, you just notice the physical sensation. If nothing is there, you pay attention to your breathing. Successful meditators get used to not thinking or elaborating about things.

After a few seconds of practicing meditation, believe me, you wonder why you’ve never done it before. The relaxation benefit is obvious even to those of us who think we don’t need to relax!

After closing my eyes, slowing down my breaths and for the first time clearing my mind I knew that I had discovered something extremely important in my life. A few days later I quit smoking. Just one of the many benefits meditation gave me.

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  2. Rob says:

    Eric, Please tell me what is not quite clear and I will try to explain. The method is described in greater detail here

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